The Bible God’s word or man’s?

This is another book I recently read. A new friend sent me the book after we had a couple of discussions on the religion topics. This is not the first time and won’t be the last time people kindly suggest me read book like this one. I appriciate their nice motivation, but it’s not easy, or I would say it’s almost impossible, to pusuade me to change my mindset by reading this kind of book. I respect and agree to the basic value, principles and most of the moral rules in the Bible. The most important difference between my opinion with the other’s is that I don’t think the stories in the Bibile have to be true, totally no need for that. It doesn’t matter if it’s based on reality or not, what most matters is that the value and natural rule of the whole world and human in the Bible. A fake gun can also protect you and give you confidence if you don’t release it’s a fake one and never have chance to use it.

This is a sensitive topic in nowdays. So in brief, after many years of reading and researching, I would say I’m more and more confident in my own mindset of philosophy about the world and human life.

For the beginning there’s nothing in the universe, this was zero (0). For some reason the zero was broken, it became to 1 and -1. Here 1 might represent nice things and -1 the bad things. The total goods and the total bads are exactly equal. This is my hypothesis. Hope I can prove it someday.

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