Reading notes of “What to say when you talk to your self” (2)

Your success will always depend on what you think, what you tell yourself most.

All habits are the result of our previous conditioning — things we learned to do, and then practiced them until they became what seem like a natural way to behave. Thay are not natural at all.

All positive self-talk is written, read, recorded, listened to, thought, and spoken in the present tense.

To change the habit, change the words.

Changing Attitudes

  • Managing Attitudes in Others
  • Changing Attitudes in Yourself
  • Self-talk for taking responsibility for yourself
  • Self-talk for building self-esteem

Little changes in attitudes can make  big changes in life.

The Chemicals of Stress

A few minutes of anger, anxiety, negative stree, and frustration can add toxic levels of chemicals to our physical systems of hours.

There is an increasing amount of medical and scientific evidence which tells us that something as simple as “having a good attitude” is much more than just a good idea.


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