Reading Rousseua’s Confessions

Many years ago I didn’t encourage young peope reading Rousseau’s Confessions. Even for myself, I didn’t think I was ready enouth to read the book in a peaceful and confident manner when I was 30 years old. The reason is that Rousseau’s Confessions is a kind of self-operation psychologically. When we read a book especially a book of somebody’s secret story, we actually compare our own life story with it in our subconscious mind. With very limited professional knowledge of psychology, we would be influenced very easily by Rousseau’s thought.

Recently I bought a Chinese version of Rousseua’s Confession. I posted excerpt of the book on social media, of course I only share it with my close friends, still I got some feedback. Some friends said they had read the book many years ago, and others said this was one of their most favourite book. They are of my age, so these kind of feedback encourage me continuing reading it.

We all have couriosity in other’s life secret, some strong some not. It’s the human natural characteristics. But Rousseau is unique, not many people like him have the confidence, courage, honesty and intelligence to expose himself to the public.

When we are reading a book, we are actually reading ourself, aren’t we?

Therefore, if you are over 40, or 50 and  have plenty of life experience, it’s time to read Rousseua’s Confessions.Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 17.34.40

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